What you need to know

  • All commercial vehicles require a Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRWs).

  • The person who presents the vehicle for test MUST bring their Driver’s License or Passport on the day.

  • You DO NOT need to bring the VLC/Logbook to the test.

  • When vehicles are tested on time a 12 month CRW will be issued.

  • A vehicle can be tested up to 30 days in advance of the current expiry date (e.g. expiry 31/03/16, can test as early as 01/03/16).

  • If a vehicle is late for its CVRT the CRW will only allow for the remainder of time before the last expiry date (e.g. expiry 30/01/2016 but tested 05/05/16, expiry of newly issued CRW will be 30/01/2017.

  • When a vehicle has missed more than 12 months since the last expiry date, 2 tests will be required before a 12 month CRW will be issued. All commercial vehicles MUST have a CVRT annually even if the vehicle has been off the road and signed off with the Motor Tax office.

  • A change in ownership will not affect the expiry date of a CRW nor will it be accepted as a reason for a vehicle missing the CVRT. Buyers and sellers of vehicles should be aware of the CRW expiry.

  • If your vehicle fails the CVRT, you must have the vehicle repaired and re-tested within 21 days or before 4000km, whichever comes first.

  • A visual re-test does not incur a charge but if an equipment re-test is required a charge is applicable. All details are printed on the fail statement issued by the test centre.

  • Re-tests should be booked in with the test centre to reduce waiting times and also to make sure you get a booking within your re-test time of 21 days or 4000km.

  • If you do not return within the 21 days or 4000km, a full test will be required and will incur the full test fee again.

  • All CVR Test Centres are governed by the Road Safety Authority.

  • All Pricing for CVRT is law and all Test Centres must charge the same fee.

  • Your CRW is issued by the RSA and will posted to the Registered owner’s address within approx. 10 working days.

  • If you did not receive your CRW, you can visit www.cvrt.ie and order a replacement.

  • Operators can now register on www.cvrt.ie and keep track of their vehicle’s CRW status, renewal dates and even print copies of Pass/Fail statements for their vehicles.

  • M7 Vehicle Testing send text/email/letter reminders to our customer’s, so please advise reception what form of communication you would prefer.

  • Alternatively if you would like a text reminder when your CRW is due for renewal, click on the link below:

or email: reception@m7vtn.com